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Editing XML file

Aug 30 2010 | 5:51 pm


I am trying to write an XML–editor for Resolume Avenue. It is a VJ–app that stores the composition–data into an XML. suffix is .avc
The idea is to load a file and then tell which layers or clips you want to copy/move. Mainly because Avenue isn’t able to copy&paste/move a clip from one deck to another (imagine decks as being tabs in firefox and layers&clips as content).
I already set up some jit.str.regexp to find the opening–tag and the closing–tag per clip. What I know want to do is copy the first and the last line and everything in between and delete/copy/move it and then save the .avc again (to a new file or what not I know how to achieve this).
My main problem:
I thought I could just count through the lines of the XML and then store them in a text–object. But by using the jit.tosymbol I loose all the quotation marks. On the other hand for now the jit.textfile won’t do any good as it overrides its content whenever a new matrix arrives (which would be every new line following the opening–tag) but saves the quotation marks.
So what I really want is to "mark a portion of the xml–file then copy/delete/move it to a new line inside the same document and then save this file".
Any idea? ;) Thanks in advance

this is the patch so far. not that much so far. I had to learn these perl–REs first.
An example file of an Avenue composition can be found at the end.

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —
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