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Enharmonics and Generative patches help?

Dec 07 2010 | 11:29 am

For my project I am working with a disklavier and my idea is to take input from what I’m playing and have live changes triggered via a medal pedal or whatever.

I’m looking at various ways the sound can be changed, such as mirror patches, a patch that will recognise a note I play and respond 3 notes above it and various other generative patches.( Just very simple stuff now nothing like chaos theory or anything)

Thing is I don’t know where to start, or am I ever speaking sense? Is there any tutorial i’m missing. I’d love to know any ideas, from anyone with any experience in this as well. I’m sure what I’m trying to do is simple but Just as a starting point.

Thanks for the help in advance and for listening :)

Dec 07 2010 | 1:21 pm

i assume we are talking about midi, not audio?

sure i could give you a bunch of files … but will that help … i dont think so …
first you need to get midi in and midi out working, know how to format your data …
if this works, then we can take step 2 and learn how to make a data delay or how to
tranpose a chord …

and you will be surprised (well i was) how easy it can sometimes be to create something
very complex, and how difficult it can sometimes be, to create something very basic …
i have a comparison operator for "if chord input contains only notes belonging to major"
which consists of about 40 max objects and stole like 45 minutes of my time …

so at what point are you?

we will reach you our hands and pull a little … but we dont see you in the dark …


Dec 07 2010 | 1:53 pm

Here are 3 examples of pitch-shifting, time-stretching and slicing audio in MaxMSP; as Roman correctly states, if you can define a little more clearly whether you are using audio/midi or both from the disklavier, and how you wish to use it, then you will get oodles of help here…

Dec 07 2010 | 6:21 pm

Jean-Claude Risset has a series of studies for Diskclavier that do this sort of thing, more or less. I believe his processes are pretty well docmented.

Dec 08 2010 | 5:01 am

if it’s MIDI you’ll have no problem warping your playing however you like. look to [seq] to store and loop your incoming notes, look to simple old [+] to transpose, provide octave shift, [pgmout] for new instruments… etc… for a billion other options :)

of course, there’s tons of wacky stuff in the audio realm too

Dec 08 2010 | 9:23 pm

Here’s the thing that confuses me. The disklavier IS an acoustic piano that has inputs for data from MIDI. So I’m dealing with an instrument that can do both?

The idea is to create an electro-acoustic piece of music. I have to do a performance of a piece I have composed and I will be playing the disklavier. While I’m playing I would like to make live changes to the sound as opposed to having a fixed setup, probably by cycling through created max msp patches using a Midi Pedal.

It doesn’t have to be the most complex changes in the world. If I play C,D and E I would love a E,F and G to play for example.

I would love to have a reverb effect too( Would this be best achieved by having a microphone take in sound and outputting a reverbed version?Should be simple enough right in max?)

It’s going to be a 7 minute long piece so There’s going to be a lot going on i’m sure.

I have 3 months to do this and chances are I’m going to be coming back to you again and again. What I hope to achieve by posting here Is knowing EXACTLY What I have to do and How I’m going to do it so I can start from the beginning.:)

@ Roman Thilenius
I don’t have access to a disklavier here so I’m going to be using my synthesizer as a midi controller I think. I’m in early stages yet and I need to borrow a midi interface from college to practice at home.

I’d love to start simple like extremely basic just to have SOMETHING working at the very basic level and then work on making it sound cool.

If never had trouble working with midi in and out at college though, so I should be fine with step one. Surely I can use a Kslider until I connect? Thanks for the comment :)

@nOOB Meister

Thanks for the links. Will come in helpful later on :)

@ Chris Muir
Yes i’m read up on his "duelling pianos" work before. It’s what inspired me to try disklavier thanks :)

I’m sure I’ll be using midi for most of it. I’m just a bit confused at the moment though.

Thank you everyone for your help. Hope my noobness isn’t annoying ye too much :D

Dec 08 2010 | 9:49 pm

so your setup is masterkeyboard -> computer -> instrument?

well, that would be the right direction for changing notes live. :)

you just would connect midi in andmidi out, and start with things like
[pipe] and [+] and [-].

if that once works and you know the structure by heart you can start
adding probabilty, randomness, note filters, gates, … and make
max to determine wether the midi inputt is a chord or single note ..
things like that.

about noobiness .. you would not be the first professionell composer or
instrumentalist here who does not know about the essentials or where the
difference between midi and audio is.


Jan 18 2011 | 1:07 am

ok long time no chat. I have have finished my piece and want to start working on the programming side of it now.

I have gotten my midiin and midiout sorted and would like to know if anyone of you have any files that could help me get started? As I’ve said before I’m no expert on the program.

At the moment I’m working with a keyboard and computer setup.
Thanks :)

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