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error -5000 and [filepath search 0]

Feb 09 2006 | 11:55 am

Feb 09 2006 | 12:10 pm

2p2z~ is alos an object (abstraction) of the SPAT lib….


Kasper T. Toeplitz
noise, composition, bass, computer

Feb 09 2006 | 12:31 pm

Quote: Kasper T Toeplitz wrote on Thu, 09 February 2006 13:10
> 2p2z~ is alos an object (abstraction) of the SPAT lib….

Kasper thanks!

And _you_ even know who installed spat without allowing me to even read these objects…

So the error -5000 is explained, but it’s funny to see that adding a path trhu the file preferences window and with the [filepath ] object lead to different results. Probably due to different search orders?

I hate IRCAM’s redondancy, and I hate the way permissions are handled on osx.

Now, I probably have to bring 2 more packs of blue chimay to Paris…

Thanks again Kasper.


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