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error -5000

Oct 14 2006 | 3:13 pm

I found the ALMOST answer to this problem (when installing an older
version of jitter) in the archives, but the link is dead. Trying to
overwrite newer used up jitter demo with older version for
workshop… I’ve upgraded to the latest pace and run disk utility, Help?

tiger, g4 imac, latest max and jitter 1.2.4 (do not get this error
with newer jitter install, but trial is expired!). thanks, n


This is a permissions problem and I think it is caused by PACE. Try
running this PACE utility to repair the disk permissions:

Download the application from the link and run it. It should not
need any explanation.

You should also try running the Disk Utility in OS X (in the
utilities folder). After launching it select your drive and go to
the First Aid tab. Then just click the Repair Disk Permissions


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