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Expression conditionals

Nov 30 2007 | 12:55 am

Hi list!

I haven’t find any possibility to make desicions inside a jit.expr, the only way I can achieve it is (logical expression)*expression and then if it is false the result will become 0, otherwise the expression evaluated. But it implies every expression to be evaluated and then CPU consumption.

Is there any way to perform the conditionals of the form?:

( logical expression ? expression if false : expression if true)

Or something similar, jit.op doesn’t have conditionals…

I’m implementing a equation system and need to save cpu. Now my equations work good but it require evaluation of the whole model everytime.

Please help! no matter if it is neccesary to implement some C code (i’ve never done in MAX, but I use to program C very well some years before).

Thank you very much!


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