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Extending MIDI map capabilities in Live – how difficult?

Feb 01 2013 | 3:43 pm

Hi, everyone! First off, I’m completely worthless when it comes to programming – never coded a line (except some html in middle-school, wouldn’t call it programming).

Now I came across something that Live lacks and I so greatly desire and asked in several forums, they said either make a remote script for it or do it with M4L – the latter seems to be more configurable and personally beneficial.

The problem is: I’ve a MIDI controller which has 32 knobs, 8 faders and, of course, 16 MIDI channels (CME Bitstream 3x, to be exact). Now what I want to achieve is complete control of every parameter of any software instrument or effect, in-built or VST, in a project, regardless of track count. Live offers MIDI mapping, but it basically hard-wires a CC message to a specific parameter of a specific device, regardless of which track I have armed. So I may map CC49/1 to attack envelope of Sampler instrument on track 2, and the CC49/1 will always change that exact parameter, regardless of which track I have armed. Great for live use, experimentation in the studio – not so much.

I want to be able to map the said CC49/1 (or any other CC, for that matter) to the same parameter of any instrument I have and control only the armed track this way – so if I have Sampler on track 2 and, let’s say, Diva on track 3, I could arm track 2 and change the attack env of the Sampler and then arm track 2 and use the same knob to change attack env of Diva. This way I’d have a uniform way of controlling the parameters throughout the project and exploit what the controller has to offer fully.

first of all – is it possible to achieve through M4L? And if it is – how difficult (for a complete newbie)?

Thanks in advance :)

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