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external trigger for MAXmsp patch

Mar 24 2006 | 2:14 pm

Anybody knows something about hardware to connetct sensors with a Max Msp patches.
Thanks a lot

Mar 24 2006 | 2:54 pm

there is a gazillion of options

why not start here:

or even better, browse the archives..


Mar 24 2006 | 3:04 pm

What kind of triggering do you want to do? Your question is a bit wide,
tell us what you are working on.



Joe Reinsel
Computer Media Art


Mar 27 2006 | 8:52 am

I need to receive a different trigger from a sensor making a start with a several player module in MAX as the same time we have to give a signal out as SMPTE sync and a switch on for one or more relay.
thanks a lot

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