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extract 4×4 matrix from OpenGL transform matrix?

Apr 18 2006 | 5:44 am

Hi –

In, is there any way to extract the current OpenGL modelview matrix as an explicit 4×4 matrix? I’m trying to determine the "absolute" position of an object drawn after the modelview matrix has been through a number of gltranslate, glrotate and glscale transformations.

I know I could figure it out by summing up the various transformations, but this seems redundant, given that OpenGL has done all the work already.

Thanks –


Apr 19 2006 | 3:23 am

I guess what I’m asking is whether any of the various OpenGL query routines — in this case glGetDoublev() — are exposed in, or if there’s any other way to access them.

– pH

Apr 19 2006 | 4:03 am

Unfortunately Perry, they aren’t currently. They might happen later
within in immediate mode (forthcoming), however for the
time being you can’t rely on this functionality unless you do it in a
C object.


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