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Fast readout of analog in

April 13, 2009 | 8:06 pm

Hi all,

I’m trying to capture the speed of a kicked soccer ball by two-point measuring:
-ball leaves point A, timer starts.
-ball goes past point B. timer stops.

Point B is a goal, we want to rig it with laser/infrared.
Because we have balls flying around at around 150 km/h max, we need a faster readout than 1KHz (once every millisecond). We need an input board that can handle those speeds and then get it into MAX at that speed. Phidgets don’t seem to handle it, MAKE controller might via the mc.usb object?
Any thoughts?


April 13, 2009 | 10:00 pm

i would tend to measure that with microphones and speakers and not with video …

April 13, 2009 | 10:37 pm

Hi Roman,

there’s no video involved, we just want to detect the ball at point B (the soccer-goal) by using laser or inrared beams and receivers.
The point is that the ball travels at such speeds that we have to poll these beams each 0.5 ms or better.


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