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Feature request/question: popup expanded umenu

Apr 07 2010 | 9:14 pm

Any way to have an object like the "click on an inlet and see all the messages it understands" popup? An expanded umenu which appears next to the cursor, with the elements selectable. I’d like to be able to use [hover] over certain objects and have a selectable list of options pop up next to it (related words in a list, related numbers, MIDI controllers, whatever). [umenu] works OK for this but it takes up some space and needs to be clicked to open… this one I want hidden and auto-opened, just like the inlet-click popup.

A workaround is certainly possible with a popup subpatch and jit.cellblock, but that’s kind of kludgey. A dedicated object for this (or an alternative, auto-open state for umenu) would be great. Any other clever workarounds would be great to know too.


Apr 07 2010 | 11:56 pm

You could perhaps show and hide particular [umenu] object using [hover] and messages to [thispatcher]. It is possible to have one open automatically if you use this trick although it does require finding the java class in question. Remember you can move the mouse pointer using the "pupdate" message to max if you really need to.


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