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Dec 21 2010 | 3:19 pm

Hi Guys,
please could you have a look at this… i did it for a university project… but there is a problem with the feedback…. once a sound file is played through the player there is a terrible ringing sound.
my lecturer suggested puting the adc through a gate… but this has no effect!

i beleive it is a problem with either one the limiters or the gains…

id be grateful for any help i can get?!

thank you! – will post the patch after this…

Dec 21 2010 | 3:41 pm

hi guys, this is the patch.

  1. nintendo.maxpat
Dec 21 2010 | 4:04 pm

Hi HelloKitty
even though it is the season of goodwill to all, i seriously doubt that any of the contributors here will have the time to wade through a patch of this size. It is good froum practice to identify if you can the problem area of yor patch – rather than piling various bits together to make a larger patch and then posting the whole thing once it breaks. There are several variables to the numerous elements in your patch – if something is working, remove it from the patch and save under a new name (such as nintendoForum), keep doing this until you have identified the problem area. More people will be willing to assist if you present them with a clear problem and a clear patch.

Investigate your reverb algorithm and the subpatch some ‘snazzyeffects’ first; there are some sends and receives in there. Many of the subpatches you or someone else has created are missing when I open the patch above. Help us to help you, please.


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