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Few questions about the korg padkontrol and sysex

Jun 01 2010 | 11:48 am

Hello fellow maxers,

About native mode, i’ve searched the interweb for native mode. Interweb says i must send a sysex-string to the Kpk to enter or start native mode. So i’ve made a patch (which is also attached below) to send some sysex-strings, the strings were provided here –
It seems there was a patch uploaded there too but i’m affraid it’s lost now so i can’t check how it works. So what am i doing wrong? I don’t get the expected response from the Kpk when uploading the strings and i don’t get any strings out. Thanks for any help.

FRid -This one probably held the answer judging by its title

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Jun 05 2010 | 9:37 am

you need to prefix hexadecimal numbers with "0x" (eg. 0x7F).
Also be sure to send to the right midi port.

Here’s my padKontrol patch:

  1. pk03_leo.pat
Jun 05 2010 | 6:06 pm

Yo! Thanks man, you really helped me out there! My gratitude is very large :) I was starting to doubt my padkontrol.

One thing about your patch though, in the subpatch "p-interface" you loadbang the port-messages to the midiout’s ( port "padkontrol A- CTRL" for example) the midiout’s aren’t accepting those messages. When i doubleclick on it says "microsoft synthesizer" even after clicking the reset-bang at the top it still won’t select it.

Btw. a damn shame that you can’t really use the knob on the left. I had plans for that one. :)


And this is for those struggeling with the same thing. Its just a simple patch to start with.

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Jun 05 2010 | 7:40 pm

You’re very welcome. Sharing is caring :)

It seem’s that the midi port names differ between drivers/OSs.
Maybe this will help:
"padKONTROL MIDI IN" = "padKONTROL Port 1"
"padKONTROL PORT A" = "padKONTROL Port 2"
"padKONTROL PORT B" = "padKONTROL Port 3"

You can use the knob on the left. But it’s a digital encoder.
It sends a message for every step (CW or CCW) rather than an absolute value.
In my patch there’s a little section on the toplevel, where the [r pk-enc] is.
It will increase/decrease an integer value accordingly.

Here’s a subpatch, i forgot to post. I converts integers to ASCII, for outputing them to pk’s display.
The other one is just for fun…let’s your padkontrol go disco ;)

  1. led-party.pat
Jun 06 2010 | 12:40 pm

I love your ledparty (and especially when you turn it off, when the lcd fades it starts to show "predator"-like symbols nice…)

I also tried to change the portnames but that didn’t work, i still have to set them manually but that’s ok.

I finally mapped out all the values so now i can get to work :) i’ll post my progress.

Thanks again,

Here’s a little someting i use for recording/playback of input, it doesn’t work with sysex (yet) just connect it to a midiin. 3 inputs; 1=recording channel 2=toggle 3=input

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