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Figuring out new A-D, D-A boxes in the post-firewire era

Jun 18 2012 | 4:09 pm

Hey everybody,
I am creating a setup where I plan to work with analog synthesizers while streaming the signal simultaneously into Jitter for digital processing. In past rigs that I have worked with, we used a Canopus FW A-D and D-A converter to stream the signal into jitter and out to other gear. However, since apple seems to be forcing FW out to make way for thunderbolt, we were considering switching to BMD’s Intensity shuttle or some other device that will allow us to continue this workflow, but we aren’t sure how thunderbolt is going to behave with Jitter.

So my question is: would the BMD Intensity card ( ) let us stream analog video into and out of Jitter (of course, using jit.qt.grab, etc.)? Thanks!

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