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filtering gating a single '0' ?

Jun 05 2009 | 3:25 pm

hello :) hope all is fine.

I have a signal that every once in a while fires out lots of


I really only need the first ‘0’ ( for its timing) as I would like to trigger a metronome from this first 0 in the stream. ( all the other 0’s that follow it are retriggering the metronome , making it go crazy fast)

is there an object that selects the first command it is given and nothing more. (until it is reset by a button perhaps?)

i thought a gate could let the first 0 through and then close before the others 0’s went through?

thanks for any help.

Jun 05 2009 | 3:29 pm

Take a look at [change].

Jun 05 2009 | 4:08 pm

wow thank you , would have took me weeks to find that ! lol Razz


Jun 05 2009 | 6:01 pm

also have a look at [onebang] which might come in handy, if you don’t know it already…

Jun 05 2009 | 9:50 pm

you said "signal".

in case you really mean "signal", [zerox~] is your friend.


Jun 15 2009 | 2:23 pm
teqy wrote on Fri, 05 June 2009 18:08
wow thank you , would have took me weeks to find that ! lol

Doing the tutorials doesn’t take that long usually…Wink


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