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finally, a simple patch that shows i'm not crazy

Sep 26 2006 | 3:35 am

Ali Momeni wrote:
> now, i have patch that uses a js to send messages to thispatcher and
> construct the max patch. i use many instances of this patcher in some
> of my big patchers and it seemed that the script wasn’t always
> running all the way.

I had similar issues with big patchers which contain a lot of
abstractions which actually script parts of itself. I came to the
conclusion, that the normal order of creation can be scrumbled because
of the time Max needs to instantiate objects. Then when I try to connect
to an object which isn’t yet instantiated I’d get connection errors.

I could resolve these problems by deferlowing the script messages which
would depend on other parts to be scripted before…
My experience is related to thispatcher scripting, but I would believe
the same issue applies to js scripting…


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