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Fire event or message when standalone appz load

Oct 19 2010 | 1:48 pm

Just a simple question.

how make appz go to full screen when load?

i sending to distpatcher fullscreen 1
But how make that run when load?

Please can soembody put some example.
Based on what i read i can connect loadbang mesage box to another message box, with message fullscreen 1 and then that message box to thispatcher.

I tried that but not work.

Aditional to all this, im trying to hide max window in stand alone appz, some guys tellme here in the forum make this:

"To get rid of the ‘runtime’ window as you call it, put a [standalone] object in your standalone. Then open the inspector for the [standalone] object and uncheck "Status window visible at startup". This should make it so your app opens without the Max window"

can somebody explain more about how do this step by step?

Best regards.

Oct 20 2010 | 12:10 am

you might want to try a [deferlow] and if that doesn’t work [delay] for your loadbang. maybe max hasn’t quite loaded everything when it receives the [fullscreen 1] message…

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