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fit patch to window?

Oct 07 2007 | 4:11 pm


I am trying to lay out a GUI layer for a patch I am working on, but in trying to use the maximum amount of screen, I am noticing that when loading the patch to different computers, some display the window fine, whereas others have it extend beyond the vertical and horizontal boundaries, meaning I would have to scroll to access buttons at the extremes of the screen.

Is there any way I can make it so that my GUI layer can display perfectly in the window of whichever computer I load the patch to?


Oct 17 2007 | 9:29 am

I don’t know if you solved your automated sizing issue yet or not?
If you are using jitter, check out the jit.displays documentation, you can query the displays settings, resize the display if you wish or use the defined display settings and send a ‘size’ message to your patch’s window, as for scaling the window’s contents perfectly to fit… if that’s what you’re trying to do someone with more js experience may be able to help you. If you’re still stuck today do take a look at the first part of the message.


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