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May 10 2011 | 8:38 pm

So we’ve started this bach thing and it quickly got much bigger than we had anticipated, and we’re not real programmers and we’re learning most stuff as we do it. At the beginning it should have been kind of 3 externals and a dozen of patches, and now things have really gone out of hand, we’ve got more 80 externals or so and we feel the need to tidy up things a little.

Right now, the 80 externals link against a small set of source files that provide a lot of common functions. Most objects are indeed little more than wrappers around some of these functions.

Now we’re starting to think that packaging all these common functions into a nice framework could be a good idea – things would look much tidier and the size of the externals would significantly decrease.

Provided that I can actually manage to build the framework and make it work (I’m still struggling with Xcode, but the number of linker errors is slowly decreasing), I have some questions:

– Will the fact that the framework is dynamically linked cause any problems, or significant performance penalties?

– Are there any special caveats to keep in mind to be sure that things will work seamlessly on other people’s machines?

– Any other considerations, suggestions, … ?

Thank you very much!


May 12 2011 | 11:12 am

Hi Andrea,

The biggest challenge with Frameworks/dylibs/dlls/etc. is what happens when someone wants to create a standalone application, a Max for Live device, etc.

If you install to /Library/Frameworks then all of these can find it. But then people expect a standalone to not have other steps for installing.


May 12 2011 | 3:17 pm

Hi Tim,

thank you for the info! I’ve managed to make the framework, and everything looks so much better now…


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