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Free ice cream for anyone who can help me !

Dec 29 2011 | 4:51 am

(Note: sorry for posting this twice — I did it by accident and couldn’t work out how to undo it. It’s getting late.. so tired.. so frustrated..)

Please.. anyone.. I am at risk of eating parts of my own body if I don’t figure this out soon. There’s an ice cream in it for anyone who can solve this (see attached)…

I have a transport object. It syncs to the Ableton Live transport. I have it continuously outputting its values (tempo, bars, etc) by sending it continuous bangs via a 1ms metro. This is necessary for other parts of my project.

I am using an expression to generate up-to-date position information from these values (bars * timesig + beats – timesig = current position). From here, I want a counter that counts every 9th beat, so I divide this value by 9.

So far so good.

Now, I want to output a bang every 9th beat.

This is where I start uncontrollably nibbling at my legs.

Because the only bangs I can receive out the end of this chain are the 1ms ones from the metro that I’m using to trigger my transport. So although I can get a number box at the end that counts each 9th beat just as I’d like (it’s important that the beats it counts are relative to the host grid, otherwise I’d just use a quantized metro object), I can’t make it generate a single bang at these values, because the chain is still throwing out the bangs that trigger my transport.

Are you with me?

Have a look at my attached image if it helps.

If anyone has a solution for this – how I can force it to disregard the bangs sent by the original metro, and start sending out bangs every 9th beat, as per the number box at the end of my chain – I promise to be your best friend for ever and ever, not to mention maintain the luxury of an uneaten pair of legs.

Thank you!

[attachment=180370,3133] [attachment=180370,3134]

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Dec 29 2011 | 5:00 am

have you heard about [change] ?

Dec 29 2011 | 5:26 am

I have now — I’ve spent the last few days fumbling my way through Max, making it up as I go along. Someone very kindly just pointed out the change object to me in my first post and now I feel like a fool. Quite a satisfied fool though.

Thanks guys, I was really in a bind. Hope I can return the favour some day…

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