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[freeware] Virtual Drum Electro Pro V1.2

Oct 20 2011 | 1:03 pm

Hi let me start by saying a great big thank you to everyone on this forum. If it wasn’t for your help I wouldn’t have been able to successfully build Virtual Drum Electro Pro.

Virtual Drum Electro Pro is a 20 channel velocity sensitive drum module software application that has an easy to use comprehensive granular stage.

Virtual Drum Electro Pro also allows you to load up max patchers into its effects chain meaning that not only can we at Virtual Drum keep creating effects to further develop the software, but you can too.

You have the choice to either sell your effects through our website (on a commission basis) or sell them through your own website (no commission basis).

We are also working with a number of well known artists to create and sell sample banks for Virtual Drum Electro Pro.

We aim to give our customers good quality products for very affordable prices and also hope to give them more choice and control over the software they create their music with. Allowing them to communicate their needs to both ourselves and any third party effects developers, so together we can make computer based music a more creative and intuitive environment for all (not just us max heads).

To download the Virtual Drum Electro Pro for free visit

If you wish to learn how to develop effect plug-ins for Virtual Drum Electro Pro, Email me at

Thanks Lee Armitage

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