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Gate~ Object queries

Apr 10 2012 | 3:45 am


I’m trying to figure out this question but i can’t seem to find any solutions:

"Create a Flashing Red Man with a 1 kHz Sine wave that beeps (on for 100ms, then off for 300ms)"

I’ve come to the conclusion that a combination of a [metro], [counter 1 4] and [select] objects can be used to create

a repeating pattern in which the [gate~] is open for 100ms and then closed for 300ms, but i can’t seem to get the

combinations to work.

This is a piece of homework for my uni course, but if i don’t understand this and progress, i won’t be able to

complete my assessment due in a few days, so any explanations, advice, pointers or general help is welcome

I’ve uplaoded a copy of my confusing patcher for those to gain a better understanding of my problem.

Much appreciated


  1. LAB4HELP.maxpat
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