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Generated GLSL files and

Jun 11 2010 | 6:33 pm

My latest experiments in Jitter involve generating GLSL files and the associated JXS files at runtime.

The problem is that sometimes I don’t have set names for these files, so I attached a random number to the file names, and the file-system is getting clogged with: 0.652896423984726.temp.glsl and an associated 0.652896423984726.temp.glsl.jxs file.

Is there a way to get jitter to load a GLSL and JXS file by sending a multiple lists that contain the file information without having to rewrite jit.slab?

For reference, I have an "expression" to "glsl" translator allowing me to write something like: gl.expr window "some expression like jit.expr accepts"

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