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Get real parameter values from vst~ ?

Jun 19 2011 | 9:45 pm

Hi C74,
I wonder… is it possible to implement a feature in the vst~ external to output the real values of plugin parameters?
I understand that the ‘getting’ of these values is possible, as they are displayed in some DAWs.
I’d love to be able to directly write ‘real values’ in place of 0 -1 floats to my C4 LCD screens without building a mammoth database with lookups for every single scaling that exists for every parameter in every VST that I use!
(I have been considering this….!!!!!).
I was thinking of a single extra output for any parameter type (int/float/string etc).
If this is implementable but you have no plans to implement would you be interested in me implementing it myself? I have some coding experience and have build many max externals for my own unique setup over the last couple of years so I’m happy to jump in!
Here’s hoping – (fingers crossed!!)

Jun 19 2011 | 11:18 pm

The audiounit~ object seems to output real parameter values generally as float numbers.
For example, "tuning" of DLSMusicDevice goes from -1200. to 1200. (cents)
Wouldn’t it be sufficient to implement similar behavior for vst~?

Jun 20 2011 | 10:39 am

Hi Broc,
I just tried out the audiounit~ external. Although with the mac os AU plugins the values are as one would like them to be, with 3rd party plugins, Lexicon plugins report only 0. – 1. values, all Waves plugin parameters report 0 – 1000 ! Still not really useful for me!
At least with audio units, this would suggest that real values can not be reported unless the plugin makes them accessible.
In DAWs such as Ableton Live, audio unit parameters are reported as per the audiounit~ plugin in maxmsp.
Also, in Live, I just found out that the reporting of VST parameters varies, dependent on plugin; Lexicon reports correct values, Waves reports 0. – 1.
I think therefore, that I might be hoping for too much by way of expecting different manufacturers to have their real values available….
Brain now turning to how best to implement my database and priming my fingers for a lot of typing of numbers!

Thanks for the suggestion though.

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