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Getting actual clip playing with follow song in clip view and zoom in…

Dec 07 2009 | 6:31 pm


I own an APC and M4L and I love to see the possibilities. Unfortunately I haven’t got the time (busy in my job) to get into deep with it, so I need help by all those programming genius out there…

What I want is quite simple and may be a basic feature for DJ’s/Live Acts working with an APC->:

When I press a Track Selection button on my APC (or maybe the "record arm pad" which I don’t need) I want to have the actual running clip from this track in clip view with follow song turned on and zoomed in to a zoom level that does make sense for DJing (e.g. seeing the next 8 bars, a a feature request it would be nice to have it selectable). So whenever I need to see the actual clip running it is only one press on the track selection (or record arm) on the track where the clip is running and I get it in clip view showing me the actual playhead position…

Is this possible with M4L?

It should be and would/should be a overall solution/feature…

Thanks to all who are able and willing to help.



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