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Getting out of the day job…

September 2, 2010 | 8:02 am

(Just realized this post should be here under misc. sorry!) Not sure if this is the right board for this but I really respect the opinions of people on here could really do with some advice regarding my career. I’ve found myself in a pretty annoying position where by my shitty day job has increasingly become my only job and I’m finding it hard to get out of bed every morning now! I studied Creative Music Technology and got a 2:1 degree, became fascinated with interactive media and created my own company that created digital hardware to help young people with special educational needs access music. The trouble is that their is no money in it and I have a small family to support, so I have been working aforementioned shitty day job to make ends meet. I would love to get onto the ladder as a studio engineer but I simply can’t start off with the £10k per year wage packet, plus the competition is ridiculous, I’d love to design audio for TV, film and gaming but again the competition is enormous and very few jobs come up. What I’m thinking now is that I might go back to uni to do a masters but I need to study something that will actually land me a well paid job which I give two shits about. I’d love to study sonic art but that is not realistically gonna put the food on the table! So here’s the question: if you were me, had a degree in creative music technology, an interest in sound design, production, interactive media and interface design but also had a family to support and needed a reasonably well paid job (i’m taking at least £25k per year) what would you recommend to study to make me as employable as possible? I’m thinking web design or angling toward computer game audio (I don’t have much experience with code outside of very basic actionscript and html but I’m quite advanced when it comes to max/msp). I’m open to any and all suggestions. If you can be arsed this is a link to my current website which will show you the kind of things I’ve been doing / am doing. Sometimes its just good to get a different perspective on stuff! Many, many thanks if you got this far!

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