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Jul 16 2008 | 7:58 pm

Im trying to create a sidebar that stays attached to my camera while flying through space. I started by constantly changing the location of a plane along with the camera but that didnt work as well as i wanted. My second try involved gldrawpixels and creating a matrix with jit.lcd. I had successfully done this but after taking a week off, I am now receiving a continuous error saying ‘ (9 exists and is not a matrix’.

My understanding of gldrawpixels is this… create matrix, send gldrawpixels command with matrix name into the sketch object. Am i missing something here?

I must also say that my week off was due to a hardware problem with my computer’s (mac book pro intel core 2 duo) keyboard and mouse which was fixed by replacing the top plate (keyboard and mouse). Surely this wouldn’t cause my silly error? Help?

Jul 16 2008 | 10:41 pm

not related to your gldrawpixels problem, but perhaps you can try @transform_reset 1 or 2 on a gl.gridshape @shape plane to achieve what you want.

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