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google search for words and phrases within web pages

Oct 09 2006 | 5:30 pm

Question of Practicality

Overall objective would be to use a google search to find a list of phrases
containing search word(s) in a number of web pages. The list of phrases
would then be displayed using Jitter.

Here’s a basic sketchy sketch for the patch:
Use the google search external (Bill Orcutt) to find a list of urls
containing the search phrases/words.
Store this list of urls in a coll or text file.
Read the list of urls into jit.uldl
Use jit.uldl and jit.textfile to store the each url contents (or append)
into a matrix.
*Use externals such as jasch detox and other string manipulation tools to
extract a "phrase" around the search words.
Use jitter to display the phrases.

*How do-able is this using the available externals in Max/MSP/Jitter or
would the search and string manipulation be better suited to another
language like Perl? Javascript? Has someone achieved something similar to
this already – extracting a series of phrases – not images?

Suggestions and pitfalls please

Thanks dave

Jul 15 2012 | 6:40 am

Its been a long time, but did you ever get a working patch of this? My friend is looking to do something similar.

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