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Google's Interactive Spaces

Jul 26 2012 | 1:32 pm

This may not be exactly the ideal place to post this but I saw it on my twitter feed and decided to share. There is much potential for Max integration I’m sure.

Sep 12 2013 | 11:26 am

I know the original post is quite old now, but I just wanted to say that integration with Max would work out well. I am the author of Interactive Spaces. Since the original post, IS has grown quite a lot, both in terms of functionality and in terms of stability. Of possible interest to the Max community I recently added the ability to communicate with an OSC server and have contemplated making IS act as an OSC server as well. Included with the public release is a PureData patch being driven from IS. A short video is found here:

Since the original post, IS has added speech generation out of the box, XBee radio support, Bluetooth (with a Wii remote IS driver), support for Android, and many other things. Check it out at

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