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[groove~] confusion

Jun 16 2008 | 12:29 pm

dear all,
having some trouble here starting soundplayback with the [groove~] object.
play forward: give speed (signal) followed by starting point (number) (works as expected).
play backward: giving the speed (signal) works once, after that it has to be played forward at least once for it to work again. starting point "0" of course doesn’t work; do i need to create a workaround to know which sample to start on? should be possible but it’d surprise me if that’s needed. i suppose what i’m looking for is the order and content of signal and messages into [groove~] for backwards playback.
when looping is on, speed affects playback immediately in both directions (as expected).
i tried with the helpfile and with chris muir’s patch (message #143609, thread "My sampler is not working!").
i’d be very grateful if someone could enlighten me on this one.

cheers, robbert
maxmsp 4.6.3, os 10.4.11, pb G4 1.67 ghz

Jun 16 2008 | 3:06 pm

You probably want to post an example to get better feedback but your going to have to do one of 2 things if you want a one-shot reverse playback with [groove~]. so with looping off use [bufferinfo](or whatever its called) to set the playback location to the end of the sample or with looping on you can leave the start location at 0 and then use the "phase" output of groove to stop the playback when you get to the "beginning" of the sample.

also sorry for not posting a patch myself, but im at work.


Jun 23 2008 | 10:23 pm

thanks a lot! that did the trick, patch is working now.
cheers, robbert

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