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Happy New Year Maxers!

Dec 31 2010 | 3:46 pm

See you in bang-2011

Dec 31 2010 | 5:24 pm

happy new year to you too. and also to all the other max-addicts that roam the earth.

Dec 31 2010 | 5:27 pm

guten rutsch und alles gute in 2011

Dec 31 2010 | 5:50 pm

Buon anno a tutti!

Dec 31 2010 | 8:34 pm

Feliz Año Nuevo, Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku,明けましておめでとうございます, Buon Anno, 새해 복 많이, Joyeux Nouvel An, גליקלעך ניו יאָר, Happy New Year, 新年快樂, Glückliches neues Jahr, سنة جديدة س Feliç Any Nouيدة, Շնորհավոր Նոր Տարի, Ευτυχισμένο το Νέο Έτος, С Новым годом, Boldog Új Évet, Sretna Nova godina, Onnellista uutta vuotta, Feliz Ano Novo, Gott Nytt År, La mulţi ani, Srečno novo leto,Head Uut Aastat,Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!!!

Dec 31 2010 | 8:52 pm

wow, that must have taken awhile :)

Best wishes to all for 2011!

Dec 31 2010 | 8:59 pm

Peter, some people may be offended if we omit:

"Quchqu’ chu’ DIS"

(@ home, bored) Brendan

Jan 01 2011 | 4:49 am

This warms my heart! Take care everyone!


Jan 01 2011 | 11:31 am

Een goed jaar met veel Max plezier toegewenst!!


Jan 01 2011 | 5:20 pm

Jullie ook allemaal een heel goed en voorspoedig 2011 toegewenst!


I wish all of you also a very good and prosper 2011!

Unbelievable how time flies.. Around this time last year I was seriously studying ‘Max for Live’ and pondering if I should pick it up or not. And now here I am; not only owning M4L but also a full Max5 (Max/MSP/Jitter) license and I still love every bit of it!

Jan 01 2011 | 8:22 pm

Happy new year all!

Jan 01 2011 | 8:24 pm

Hey can anyone help? I’m having a problem posting on the forum… when I make a post I check it again on the board and there is no body/content…what’s going on!

Jan 06 2011 | 5:32 am

Sweet Raspberry
I don’t know.. Maybe.
cheap price cartier lovering

Jan 06 2011 | 2:32 pm

@Brendan: Klingon! How could I forget Klingon??!

Jan 07 2011 | 11:13 pm

does anyone know how to reach Peter Castine? the Litter pages seem gone. the berlin web page on his profile is a stub?

Jan 08 2011 | 12:28 am

he’s probably busy watching Doctor Who (or posting quotes from it on Facebook)

Dec 31 2011 | 12:21 pm


Jan 01 2015 | 5:44 am


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