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Feb 28 2007 | 11:54 am


I’m looking for some advice. I’ve been trying to create a vocal choral effect using shapee~ I’ve tried to use pitch shifting but the sound that comes out is very robotic. I’m currently tring to find a good harmonic sound to filter the voice through and was wondering if anyone had any advice or if they knew of a better way to do this.

Thank you

Feb 28 2007 | 6:22 pm

If your plan is to create choral effects, why not look at the IRCAM object fofb~. It doesnt do anything but vowels, but you could shape it further afterwards. Some good examples are about but certainly should be more useful for create something that sounds like voices.


Mar 01 2007 | 7:29 pm

Hello thanks for the advice is there any way of getting the object without subscribing to the fourm? i’m not havin much luck finding it.

Mar 02 2007 | 12:14 pm

If you can e-mail me off topic ( should have my e-mail on my profile thing) i have the object- Michael Clarke who wrote it is at my university so can send to you, but cant really upload it here for obvious reasons.

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