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Sep 05 2010 | 9:55 pm

Hi everyone !
I would ask you kindly help.

I need to control the LEDs at a distance (Posts on a musician dress) by Max4Life connected to Arduino protocol Zig Bee.

What I Need?


The LEDs that we’ll use are mono chromatic Leds, but ultra bright. They will want to use a LED Matrix – Serial Interface, so totally we have maybe 40 leds (such as…products_id=759)
at most it will be 2.

But to start I could still do the tests on simple monochromatic LED.

Around I found the Bluetooth version of the Arduino BT esssendo but Does it goeS slower than the ZigBee protocol? correct me if I’m wrong. Wink

Otherwise, there is support for the platform Arduino Xbee (…roducts_id=8471) to allow a wireless Arduino to communicate with ZigBee protocol.

Finally the Lilypad as microcontroller sewing on the dress , which acts as a data receiver right?

To start testing what kind of materials would be nice?

Thank you very much
is very important

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