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help! Feed back on a patch greatly apreciated (for my dissertation)

Apr 17 2011 | 1:00 pm


I’m a third year music tech student, i have created a patch that is intended to generate music. It incorporates a 4 track drum sequencer, a 8 step melody generator, and a 4 step chordal part, each with options for different relative timings. Rythmic variation in OHH and CHH is based around euclidean algorithm, and the melody and chordal generation is based around pink noise then filtered into the desired key and register.The kick and snare are manually programmed, and then variation can be generated using a rec/buffer/groove to randomly loop and play back the kick and snare parts (volume for this is controlled by the Eff. mix slider in the mixer section). Also dynamics are changed using several lores and tap delay objects linked to line objects being fed random values at the start of every bar.

I esentially need feedback, to aid the written part of this project, and i would greatly apreciate even people having a quick glance at it. Any feedback apreciated, including negative, and suggestions for improvement needed.

load the drum sounds by hitting the 4 corresponding "open" messages
turn audio on
hit the large start/stop toggle
load a preset (the best place to start is probably the last stored preset) or just play around with the nummber boxes and reseed the melody and chords by hitting the ‘re seed’ button.


i know this patch is messy, but this is the first thing i’ve really made in max (i really didnt know anything about max before i started) and the project wasn’t so much about becoming a good programmer but more about exploring the possibilities of generative music.

Many thanks

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