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Help for a beginner !

Mar 19 2014 | 1:32 am

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner in Max, and i want to know if it’s possible to do something like that graphically (the color etc…) and especially the graphic in the 46sec with the bubbles and mesh :

Sorry for my bad english…

Mar 20 2014 | 4:52 am

All possible in Jitter, though I must say that the way you see it done int this video is with a lot of post compositing in a video editor. If you want to do this without a video then it isn’t a problem.
Try searching on the forums with the objects, and jit.bfg to displace it, that should get you going.

Mar 20 2014 | 3:14 pm

Thank you, i’m gonna look that !

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