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Help – List Management (Using 2 lists to redirect incoming numbers)

Dec 06 2009 | 7:06 am

Hey its me again!! :D

Here is "my" brain teaser…

I have 2 lists.

One with the "right" numbers and one with the "wrong" numbers.

Now i want to use these 2 lists as some sort of gate trigger system, so that when a number comes, if its a number from the "right" list it can go through but if its a number from the "wrong" list, the incoming number has to undergo a change(+1 or -1) until it can pass through the "right" list.

i tried with zl compare but i couldnt get it to work properly, it only gave me the first wrong number of the list and never the others…

any ideas?


Dec 06 2009 | 10:34 am

Chris Muir has probably got a far more elegant solution….

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Dec 06 2009 | 4:18 pm

woah! thats it!!! i love your style! :D

Your patch enlightened me and got me fixing a lot more bugs!!!

thanks so much!!! 3 cheers for @scalarmode! and one big cheer for Terry! :P


Dec 06 2009 | 6:53 pm

Why are there two lists? Why isn’t there just a "good" list? If there is

I guess what I’m really asking is what is the real goal here?

Dec 06 2009 | 10:35 pm

I guess i see your point i could just have one good list and compare incoming numbers to that. Now which ever numbers get dropped out are therefore bad and are directly sent to be modified. hmmm… the real goal is to identify the bad numbers and modify them…

I’m trying hard to find a reason why i absolutely need 2 lists but i cant find any…. i guess there was one… at some point… lol ;D

well played again chris!!

thanks for the heads up!


Dec 07 2009 | 11:44 am

Also… given the kind of questions you’ve been posting lately– I’d recommend looking at Peter Elsea’s Lobjects, a whole suite of list operators and fuzzy-logic oriented objects; even if you don’t have a direct need for his objects his tutorials are enlightening anyway; they can help you to work out how to work a problem out, if you know what I mean– give a man a fish blah blah…

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