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help needed with fruity loops piano roll referencing from a max plugin

May 03 2008 | 2:10 am

when i try to draw a longer/shorter note within the piano roll of fruityloops ,… the plugin just seems to play as long as the shape from the internal breakpoint function editor i have included within the structure of the plugin?

in other words…..

when i open fruity’s piano roll and …. for instance lets say i want to draw a note within the piano roll that stretches only 3 – 5 beats across …. and when i run the sequence, the plugin only plays a note thats as long as the envelope shape thats drawn within
a breakpoint function editor thats embedded within the plugins structure i’ve built that has a pre-determined shape. i cant seem to figure out how to fix this ……

what am i doing wrong ? or
what max or msp objects do i need to use to fix this problem ?
can anyone lend an assist ? possibly? thx a million ahead of time

May 03 2008 | 8:41 am

May 05 2008 | 12:59 pm

f.e schrieb:
> You have to "trigger" the release of your enveloppe only on note off.
> For this, you have to separate the enveloppe points list in two. One
> with attack, decay and sustain, one with release to be triggered on note
> off.

Or to use a sustain point…


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