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[Help] Time Compare

Jun 28 2011 | 10:26 am

Hello all.

The project :

I’m trying to manage time for video like a lighting desk.

Actually, every parameter likes color, position, etc has three value : Level, Time, and Wait, witch are stored in a pattr.

For UI, i want to use two separate subpatch : one for the level (with faders,…) and one for the time (like a big table with all parameters and time).

At the end, i ve a lot of variable, so it is not very useful. So i need a Global time.
The Global Time will send time value to all Local Time exept those who are different than Global Time

The help :
Global Time (GT) and Local Time (LT) for each parameter are stored in the same pattr.
Value are called from the pattr, and re send after modification.

The patch i need to do, but, i cant find the way.. (working for one parameters at time):
– The GT’s new value is send only to LT’s value when LT=GT.
– Changing LT is always possible
– If LT != GT >>>>> use LT.

I think it is not so complicated?!

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Thanks for help!

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