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Help with MAC > PC visual strangeness

Apr 09 2008 | 2:53 am

I’m working on a standalone for client who wants both Mac and PC versions of an application in which he can drag words around a screen to affect the playback of related audio samples.

It works fine on Mac, but we are getting loads of problems when we run it on PC. For the main word drawing i’m using

We have two main problems reported from our testers (as I’m not very familiar with Max/Jitter on the PC platform i’m finding hard to solve).

Behavior 1. All images are drawn. Words are not visible in active window – however, words ARE present, can be moved, are audible, and can have FX applied to them.

Behavior 2. (PLEASE SEE ATTACHED PICTURE) Instrument appears fully functional (words, images, audio). BUT – large , flickering red stripe covers top 1/3 of computer screen. NOTE – it does not simply cover instrument window, but all other windows / desktop image etc. If Max window is moved around, it does not move the red area around. If instrument is shut down, stripe remains – unless you drag other objects (eg folders) around the screen – whereupon the area underneath the cursor reverts to original state.

To date, i know of one machine that is working properly (sorry don’t know the specs). I have seen "behavior 1" on a few PCs tends to be cheaper computers (like Dells), running XP 5.1. I have heard reports of "behavior 2" on two computers – both ThinkPads, also running XP 5.1

If anyone can shed any light onto these problems i’d be very grateful to hear why this might be happening and any work arounds. If you need more info please ask. The deadline is fast approaching and I’m not sure how best to tackle the problems.

Many thanks,



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