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Help with some minor colorblobs difficulties

Aug 03 2007 | 6:34 pm

First of all, a big thanks to Charlie DeTar for writing colorblobs.
This is a very clever patch and has relieved several burdens on my
current project.

Hopefully others who have used this can lend a little help. I can’t
seem to get colorblobs to save more than one blob preset. I can create
a new blob configuration and save it as blobs.xml using the pattr_ui
interface, but I can’t create a second configuration. I try to do this
by clearing the first and starting from nothing, but when I attempt to
draw the first blob it reverts to the first configuration I just

Similarly, if I attempt to make changes to the first configuration
(re-sizing or moving blobs, for example) I cannot. The lcd will show
me the re-size/move box around each blob but I can’t make any changes.

I’m still gaining familiarity with all of the particulars of the pattr
(and related) objects, so my hope is that I’m missing some basic
understanding that can be easily corrected. Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.


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