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hex in 0xAAAA format

Sep 14 2008 | 8:36 pm

I just noticed this and haven’t look to see where it’s documented.

In Max 5 you can type a number in hex (preceded by 0x as you would programming in C) into an object box as an argument and it converts it to the equivalent decimal int.

e.g., type 0xC74 into an object box in Max 5 and it converts to 3188. (i.e., an int object with initial value 3188)

This doesn’t work in Max 4..

.. until you copy/paste/duplicate the object or save & reload the patch.

Could be useful when doing bitwise and/or stuff. Or quickly getting the maximum +ve and -ve ints:

0x7FFFFFFF is probably easier to remember than 2147483647
0x80000000 is probably easier to remember than -2147483648

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