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hi object in standalones

Mar 22 2007 | 1:33 pm

A student and I are working on a laptop duet. He is running supercollider
and I am running max. We are passing messages via udp. This all works

Our performer interfaces are two WingMan game controllers. This also works
great. I built a standalone for him to run on his machine so he can talk to
me and his supercollider synths. The max patch works great until I build
the standalone. It doesn’t receive messages from the WingMan even though it
does put it on the list of available devices.

Does hi, in fact, work in standalones?

(I did search the forum for "hi in standalones" but it returned all of the
messages where someone said "hi." "Standalone" also returned too many
messages to parse.)

Gary Lee Nelson
Oberlin College

Mar 22 2007 | 4:12 pm

> Does hi, in fact, work in standalones?

yes. send more info and maybe we’ll figure out what’s going on for you.


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