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hide one pattrstorage from another

Nov 17 2010 | 12:23 pm


Sorry for reposting this question, but I realized that the title of my last post did not make sense. I am looking to keep one pattrstorage object from binding to another. I originally thought it was due to autopattr being present but since posting realized it has nothing to do with that. (hence the poor posting name last time)

The reason it matters that pattrstorage B’s name is showing up in pattrstorage A is that I am using an existing framework in which pattrstorage A is used to fill umenus. I don’t want to edit the existing framework; otherwise I could just leave it in there and select against it. I want to add pattrstorage B to save data that I do not want in the umenus. I am able to choose which pattrstorage this data goes to through "hide from pattrstorage" and @bindto for each pattr object, but there is no "hide from pattrstorage" method for the second pattrstorage (that I can see), and I cannot find a way around it. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Is there any way to implement something like this?


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