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hooray for Max 6 and Cycling74

Aug 19 2011 | 10:01 pm

just saw the announcement of the upcoming max 6. i’m excited, but especially excited about the "accessibility" concerns. since using max, i’ve always wanted to see it become the next big thing. the concept is genius and sooo much better than all the coding languages i’ve used. it’s like, from the future. i always ask myself "why isn’t everybody using max?"

i really hope we will eventually have the capability to encapsulate and copyright patches, cause i’d love to see max become more of a full application development platform, beyond audio. after building in max, who wants to go back to coding?

without max, my profession wouldn’t exist! me + cycling74 = destiny. guess i just want to say THANKS to them. keep it up!

Aug 19 2011 | 10:59 pm

+1 for sure, especially as it has so many options to include code if that’s your thing (or if it works best for something specific you want to do).

I also ask "why isn’t everybody using Max?" It’s just taking awhile for ambassadors like us to spread the word :) pretty much all students I’ve seen learn it get pretty into it, some get really hooked, for others it’s less so, but they are always surprised at what it can do and how easy certain things are. Especially if they’ve struggled with code in other environments and it took forever to accomplish something that you can patch in no time. The Vizzie idea should help a LOT in this respect…give beginners some really cool, fun things they can do right away, and invite them in to start tweaking and experimenting.

Great to see the price drop, the full 12-month student license, and of course all the new goodies coming in 6. Keep spreading the word and it’ll take off!

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