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hostphasor~ and logic pro X

Mar 01 2014 | 8:38 am


This is my first post on the forums so please let me know if I go about this wrong.

Version of Max: latest

Version of Logic X: 10.0.5

The problem:

When using the help patcher for hostphasor~ I cannot get the tempo from logic x to come through hostphasor~ even though I am in rewire mode. However, it works with ableton live 9. I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to remedy this.

If there is an easier way to sync a metro object in max to logic’s transport let me know.

Thanks in advance!

  1. hostphasor.maxpat
Mar 01 2014 | 6:00 pm

Your patch worked for me. Logic X, similar setup.
In my experience issues like this can be related to a few possible things:
–Is Logic X recognizing the Max 6 ReWire connection? If so The Logic X Library pane will show "Max 6" as an option for external MIDI tracks in addition to "to Max 1" and "to Max 2"
–Is Max running in 64 Bit mode?
If not then the Logic X ReWire connection will not work. Run Max in 64 bit mode under OSx by clicking command+I on the icon (in the Applications folder) and unchecking the run in 32 bit box. [NOTE: in 32 bit mode the Max ReWire .bundle is called something like Max6ReWire.bundle, in 64 bit mode it’s MSPReWireDevice.bundle.]
–Is Max successfully running in ad_rewire mode? Try opening Logic before Max. Open Max and go to Audio Status, select driver ad_rewire, and turn audio on. Does the audio
stay on? If not try turning audio off, switching to Core Audio, enabling audio, disabling audio, and switching back to ad_rewire. Sometimes this fixes it.
–Sometimes there are "leftover" ReWire bundles that can make ReWire connections unreliable. Go to Macintosh HD>Library>Application Support>Propellerhead Software>ReWire. If there are any unused, duplicate, or outdated .bundle files or aliases delete them.
–try putting an alias for the MSPReWireDevice.bundle file in the Max 6.1>Cycling ’74>ad folder in the Macintosh HD>Library>Application Support>Propellerhead Software>ReWire folder.
I’ve attached a patch that shows a bit about how to sync the Max transport to ReWire, which is another way to get a metro object to sync to Logic. You can also try sending MIDI clock messages from Logic (in Logic go to File>Project Settings>Synchronization>MIDI>Send MIDI Clock) to Max and use the rt object to parse the MIDI realtime messages.

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