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How do I convert text format patchers for use?

Oct 26 2009 | 8:39 pm

Hi all,

Before I start — I searched for this topic and found two sets of directions about how to do this, one by greg taylor and the other by Jill from C74. Greg’s is specifically says it’s for Max5. However…. neither of these worked for me.

Greg’s method involved copying/pasting/saving the text format patcher into a file. Then in Max, open an existing patcher, erase the stuff in it, copy the stuff from the test file (the saved text format patcher) into the patcher you’ve opened, then saving the patcher with a new name. After this one is supposed to use the ‘open’ dialog to open the new patcher.

When I do this, I get parse errors in the console.

Is this is bug? Am I doing something wrong?

As a side question (the reason I’m trying to see the text format patcher)– can somebody point me to the object or objects involved if I want to be able, from a patcher, to open a file browser dialog to select a sound file?



Oct 26 2009 | 8:42 pm

I just saw the forum item talking about this and I also tried that method. When I do ‘open from clipboard'(forget the exact nomentclature here) I get a max text window with the compressed text, not a patcher.


Oct 26 2009 | 9:49 pm

Copy the gibberish-looking text, but make sure you get all the

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —

lines as well. Launch Max 5 and open a new patcher window. Paste what you have copied directly into the unlocked patcher window. That should do it. If you are on Max 4, this technique won’t work, as it is the new Max 5 "Copy Compressed" text format.

Oct 27 2009 | 3:54 am

thanks….that did it.


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