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How Do I Monitor a PC's INTERNAL Sound with a Meter?

Jan 30 2011 | 4:14 am


All I need to do right now is create an audio meter to monitor a PC’s sound card output (running Windows 7, which is running on Parallels on a Mac). I have tried ezdac and ezadc, but they only seem to route my computer’s microphone input into the msp meter.

Under DSP Status, my only options are "Microphone" and "Line In," and under Driver, the only options that make sense are "ad_directsound" and "ad_mme." So as opposed to doing this on Mac OSX, how would I set something such as how Soundflower works when routing internal sound into Max/Msp?

All I need to create is an audio meter capable of monitoring a Windows PC’s internal sound, e.g., being able to monitor the amplitude of a YouTube video’s sound played from a browser.

I was able to do this on Mac OSX with Soundflower. How do I do this on Windows? It sounds so simple, but all I find on Google are articles on routing Max/Msp-object-generated sound, but nothing about routing the sound card’s output into my patch (without it coming from a microphone).

Please help me. Thanks so much in advance.

Feb 01 2011 | 10:14 am

Google told me is the equivalent of soundflower on a PC

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