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How do you know if sucessfully found and loaded a movie?

Mar 26 2010 | 4:42 am

How do you know if successfully found and loaded a movie?

Meaning, like a text object, I want a bang or something when it’s done loading, and no bang/message if it did not load. The context is, if the user loads a preset and has moved their files, the exact path name will not work, thus I wish to just send the name of the file and the object will look in the application folder.

The second context is that if the video did load, when it’s in there, you can then auto do things like load the first frame into a pwindow for preview. as is my delayed messages (from loading) sometimes happen late enough, sometimes not.

If the qt object can’t find the file at the specified path, it tells the max window. If it would send that message somewhere else I could bang on "can’t" or the like

any ideas… I’m sure this has been done before, or maybe it’s built in and I’m missing it.


Mar 26 2010 | 10:55 am should output something along the lines of "read 1" if loaded and "read 0" if the read is unsuccessful via its right outlet. So, you can at least parse the 1 or 0 and take things from there.

Mar 26 2010 | 6:49 pm

so if it can’t find the file that’s a "read 0" sure that works thanks !

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