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how does sfplay~ overwrite files?

Oct 23 2006 | 3:38 pm

i’m using sfplay~ in a sampler patch
i’ve got some synth squiggles going that i record using sfrecord~ into numbered files corresponding to the key triggering the squiggle. i send an open message to sfrecord~ and create a file e.g. clip_10.aif, send a 1 then a zero to record my noise. i want to be able to record over that same named file, if i’ve refine my squiggle. the problem im getting is that the initial length of the file seems to determine the maximum length i can do any subsequent recording into that file. also, if i try to record a file with that name shorter than the original my sfplay~ object makes a short bleep and doesnt play much else. confused…

Oct 23 2006 | 3:47 pm

although if i open the file i’ve overwritten in quicktime, it seem to be all there, of the same length as i seemed to record the last time . even if i send a clear message to the cue for that file, it still wont play it all properly, unless i restart max msp, then it plays it fine…

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