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How to change display depth of JitterMatrix

May 22 2009 | 7:26 pm

I am writing java external application display some objects using I wanted to add some water effects to the scene.
I am planning to load an image to jit.matrix and manipulate the pixels to do this.

Currently I am loading noise to the matrix;

matrix1 = new JitterMatrix(4, "char", 1024, 800);
noise = new JitterObject("jit.noise");
noise.setAttr("dim", new Atom[] { Atom.newAtom(1024),Atom.newAtom(800) });
noise.setAttr("planecount", 4);
noise.setAttr("type", "char");

then I draw the matrix using

myrender.send("draw_pixels", new Atom[] { Atom.newAtom(matrix1.getName()) });

after drawing the matrix I draw some other objects in the scene using
the problem is the matrix always goes to the back. I have a background plane and on top of it I draw some cubes. How can I display the matrix in-between?
Is there a way to capture what is drawn using to a matrix?

May 24 2009 | 8:42 pm

it’s unclear exactly what you are trying to do.

i recommend first creating a patch without java, with the basic functionality you want.

if you can’t get it to work in patch land, post it here with clear steps to reproduce, and clear notes about what’s not working like you think it should.

after you get it working, you can convert back to java.

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