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How to display fullscreen

Jan 26 2009 | 1:50 am

I am a new max user and am working out a few kinds in my patch. I am hooking up my computer to a projector and showing running video in 640 x 480 out of Max. I know how to change the screen size to get my video to look good on the projected desk top but I’m not sure how to get rid of the menu at the top of the jit.window. basically I just want a 640 by 480 black box. Also is there a way to tell it to fill my second screen, I tried to do this using the inspector and sending fullscreen a 1 but then I couldn’t figure how to get out of full screen and had to shut the program down.
thanks a lot


Jan 26 2009 | 2:37 am

Try using [jit.window]. Open the helpfile and press the escape key, this should trigger fullscreen on and off. You can simply copy the [p esc-fullscreen] patcher into your file. The message it uses is "fullscreen" appended with a 1 or 0.


Jan 26 2009 | 3:15 am

The fullscreen command will work on whichever screen the jit.window is on, so if you want it on the second monitor for projecting, be sure it’s over there first. There are a number of window appearance commands in the [thispatcher] help file for dealing with title bars, menus, etc., some of which vary from Windows to Mac. I ran into something similar for a projection out of my laptop, and wound up making a little control panel which moved the window manually (without dragging). Use pairs of numbers connected to the "pos" and "size" commands for jit.window, or use 4 connected to the "rect" command (which does both), then save as a preset. Why do this instead of dragging? Because when you get rid of certain elements of the window, like the title bar, it’s no longer draggable…

Also if you go fullscreen, no normal windows can show on top of it, but floating windows can. Check [pcontrol] to be able to open and close subpatches etc. without clicking—you can use keystrokes to the "open" commands, for example.

Alternatively you might try a jit.pwindow in a subpatch for the display, perhaps this will give other options–like having some controls next to it, or a "matte" that it lays on.

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